What are the Best Headphones for Running and Jogging?

If you’re like me, going for a jog seems like a great idea but gets boring pretty quickly. Many people would seem to agree, choosing to put on some headphones and listen to their favourite tunes when hitting the pavement. There are many things to consider when choosing the best headphones for running. Are they wireless? How will does the Bluetooth controls work? Will they get sweaty fast?

The type of run you’re going to do will also play a huge role in determining the best headphones for running in. Running on a treadmill offers a wider option of headphones to choose from because of less motion. But if the running workout is going to be on the streets and involve more impact, then you’ll need headphones that wont fall out and will be comfortable to wear for long periods with heavy vibrations passing up from the pavement. Here are some of the best headphones for running to consider:

Sony MDR-EX300/WHI headphones for running


is an ideal type of headphone for runners and joggers. It has been made in such a way that it should be fitted in the ear. It has a vertical in the ear style. Its retail price is $79.99, but a person can easily get it at discounted prices from multiple online outlets. Its features include a hybrid silicone type of earbud which guarantee better sound. It is also comfortable and is assured to fit well in the ears. It comes in three sizes namely small, medium and large hence making it appropriate and convenient for people of all ages and sizes.

2.Bose SoundSport In-Ear Earphones

are among the best headphones for jogging because they offer a new standard of audio quality that result in greater detail of music. Its design is impressive and advanced. An added advantage is that it is made from materials of good quality that are long lasting. They enable joggers to enjoy the services of the product for a longer duration without having to think about purchasing a new one. It also has greater in-ear stability that makes it appropriate for runners.

3.Sony MDREX650APT.CE7 Earphones with Brass Housing, Smartphone Mic and Control

hear jogging headphones are chic, cheap and cheerful and have also adopted the vertical in the ear design. This is meant for comfort. It also has a non-slip stable design that guarantees that the product fits well when a person is exercising. It is very clear due to its capability of minimizing sound leakage. The open air design is meant to enable a user to hear ambient sound. Its retail price is around $11.25.

4.MEE audio M6B Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear Earbud 

sports in the ear headsets are good headphones for jogging. It is perfect for the working out lifestyle and has an over the ear design. The Bose MIE2i is slightly more expensive but is worth every penny. It is recommended because it is ideal for any running workout and activity, and is of good quality. It is one of the best headphones for running.

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