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What are the Best Bluetooth Headphones? Our Top 5 List

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Why get tangled up in wires when you can enjoy your music wirelessly. Bluetooth headphones are rapidly rising in popularity due to the number of people using their smartphones as music players and the vast improvement in bluetooth headphones technology. Whether it’s for listening to headphones while jogging, being able to walk around the home listening to the hifi while spring cleaning or watching movies without having to sit too close to the TV, there are many benefits to bluetooth headphones harnessing wireless technology.

There are many things to consider when shopping for the best Bluetooth headphones.  Along with being wireless, Bluetooth headphones are often equipped with high-end controls and features that make them popular with gadget and music lovers alike. Their rising popularity means there are many models to choose from.

So if you’re looking for the best wireless headphones you can pair up with your snazzy smartphones, here are some examples of the best Bluetooth headphones to check out before you stump up the cash.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Headphones

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing the best Bluetooth headphones The following are five of the highest rated Bluetooth headphones available based on customer feedbacks and reviews on Amazon:

1. Parrot Phillippe Starck Zik Wireless Headphones

The result of 4 years’ design and engineering, the Parrot Phillippe Starck Zik wireless headphones are overflowing with features and technology which makes them one of the best bluetooth headphones around. This notably includes highly intuitive swipe panels on both speakers. Simply brush your fingers along the surface to change the volume, to choose the track or to take calls. These beautifully engineered bluetooth headphones also feature a head detection sensor which turns the headphones off automatically when you take them off.

The Parrot Phillippe Starck Zik wireless headphones offer excellent sound quality thanks to ‘Parrot Concert Hall’ which uses DSP (Digital Sound Processor) technology to project sound as though it’s coming from a live orchestra in front of you. You will also be able to enjoy music on these bluetooth headphones in peace with noise cancelling technology, which uses microphones, inside and out, to project opposing waves that cancel out background noise.

2. Sennheiser MM550-X Travel Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Close on the heels of the Parrot Phillippe Starck Ziks, are the Sennheiser MM550-X Travel wireless bluetooth headphones. As you’d expect of headphones bearing the Sennheiser brand, these bluetooth headphones offer superb audiophile quality sound thanks to opt-X codec, for supreme CD quality sound on the latest digital devices, and SRS WOW HD technology, which provides dynamic bass reproduction and a wider, taller sound than on conventional bluetooth headphones.

The Sennheiser MM550-X Travel Wireless Bluetooth Headphones also have NoiseGuard 2.0 active noise cancelling technology for enjoying your music in comfort, while on a plane or on the commute to work. Extra large padded ear cups ensure you can wear them in comfort for hours on end, with embedded controls for controlling tracks, volume and answer calls without having to touch your smartphones.


3. Logitech UE9000 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Logitech UE9000 wireless headphones feature noise cancelling technology for a more immersive listening experience. They also feature UE Sound Signature for ultra clarity, and a rich and perfectly tuned sound stage, packed with detail. Along with packing in high quality technology, these are among the best bluetooth headphones for build quality. Featuring metal alloy hinges and a sturdy headband, these headphones are built to withstand the knocks and bangs that inevitably happen when you take your bluetooth headphones out of the home. On ear controls enable you to change tracks, adjust the volume and take calls, while a ‘listen through’ button lets you quickly hear what’s going on around you without needing to take them off.

4. Beats by Dr Dre Bluetooth Headphones

A roundup of the best bluetooth headphones wouldn’t be complete without mentioning arguably the most popular brand of headphones out there at the moment. These iconic Beats by Dr Dre bluetooth headphones are renowned for their powerful bass, unique folding body and emblem embossed on each earcup. While they don’t feature noise cancelling technology, the Dr Dre Bluetooth headphones can be used wirelessly, with controls in the earcups to skip tracks, answer calls and adjust the volume. Unlike Beats by Dr Dre Studio, the Dr Dre Bluetooth headphones don’t use batteries but instead can be recharged using a USB cable. While they might not match Sennheiser or Phillippe Starck for audiophile quality sound performance, these headphones certainly make a fashion statement.

5. Denon AH-W150 Wireless Fitness In-Ear bluetooth headphones

If you’re looking for headphones for running or doing a lot of exercise, then you should check out the Denon AH-W150 Wireless Fitness In-Ear bluetooth headphones. Sweat proof and with 7 hours of battery life, you’ll be able to wear these for hours in comfort rather than get hot, sweaty ears, as you would with over ear bluetooth headphones. The Denon AH-W150 Wireless Fitness In-Ear bluetooth headphones also feature a built in air cushion, for comfort and ventilation, and integrated controls for controlling the music and a microphone for answering calls. An integrated amplifier provides a powerful bassline for keeping you energized and motivated throughout your workout session.

Other bluetooth headphones to consider include:

Nokia BH-905i – this model is known to be the best option in terms of clarity and comfort. It is the most suitable choice for you if you are a music lover. This model will provide the utmost level of comfort that other models cannot offer. The sound quality it can produce is also unparalleled and simply amazing. With outstanding reviewers’ rating, this model is undeniably among the best Bluetooth headphones you can have today.

MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones with Microphone (Black/Grey) 

A high quality built-in microphone and the great sound you have come to expect from MEElectronics make this the one wireless headphone you would actually want to buy. Features: A2DP stereo Bluetooth for music playback and use as a headset with the built-in mic, Conveniently located phone and music controls, Ultra-soft ear pads and adjustable headband for extended wearing comfort, Folds for convenient storage and comes with a travel bag, Rich and dynamic sound with enhanced deep bass and great clarity from the acoustically advanced, high efficiency 40mm driver,

These are some of the best Bluetooth headphones that you can find today. These products are among the most popular options for most gadget lovers due to their amazing features, their sound quality and the benefits they give to their users. If you want to learn more, click on the links to read reviews from people who’ve bought them and been delighted with their performance.

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