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Top 7 Best Gaming Headphones for the Ultimate Immersive Gaming Experience

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The best gaming headphones reviewed, offering punchy bass, comfort and clear audio for the most immersive gaming experience whether on consoles and PC

For the most immersive video gaming experience possible a decent pair of gaming headphones is essential. It needs to have decent bass so you feel all those explosions in Call of Duty as well as clear so you can hear instructions when playing co-op. Of course, if you’re a committed gamer then you’ll be wearing them for hours at a time, so they need to be comfortable too.

Whether to go wired or wireless really depends on your budget. Most wireless gaming headphones are expensive. The current favorite of most competitive gamers and e-sports players are the Astro Gaming A50 which are a bit pricey at $300. As for wired gaming headsets, you can check out the Sennheiser G4ME ONE which offer some of the best audio you will ever hear in a gaming headset. They are also $50 dollars cheaper than the A50, which retails for only $250.

Astro Gaming A50

Best Gaming Headphones 1 – Astro Gaming A50

The A50 is a luxurious set of gaming headphones, that’s why they’re aimed at serious/extreme gamers. Sound quality is clear, loud and very distinct. It doesn’t leave out a single sound, just literally picks up everything there in the game. If you wanted to have surround sound without relying on your PC speakers then the Astro Gaming A50 will deliver.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Best Gaming Headphones 2 – Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

If you think the Astro A50 are too pricey for you, Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 are another option, you can save more than half of the price of the A50 and still get an awesome gaming headset. They’re not too heavy compared to other full-sized, circumaural headphones. The one feature that I really like about the G930 is the three G-Keys and the ability to send commands to your PC while you are physically away from the keyboard.

Skullcandy PLYR 1

Best Gaming Headphones 3 – Skullcandy PLYR 1

These are a good pair of gaming headphones for PS4 and PS3. The good thing about the Skullcandy PLYR1 are their ability to connect with your PC and PS4 at the same time – you just connect the USB cable to the PC and the optical cable to the PS4, so you can answer Skype calls as well as play at the same time. Sound quality is really good because of the 7.1 Dolby Surround sound and Skullcandy drivers.

SteelSeries H Wireless Headset

Best Gaming Headphones 4 – SteelSeries H Wireless Headset

The Steel Series H Wireless Headset is a perfect blend between great music sound and great gaming sound. The ear cups are extremely comfortable even when use for long gaming sessions, it has an ample soft memory foam padding that melds to your head very well. What I like about this pair of cans is its battery life, it could last for almost 2 days! That’s how awesome it is. The headset comes with two batteries, in which you can interchange quickly when the other one is close to dying for about 12-18 hours of continuous usage.

Sennheiser G4ME ONE

Best Gaming Headphones 5 – Sennheiser G4ME ONE Gaming Headset

This is the perfect set of cans when you are into games like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty. The Sennheiser G4ME ONE Gaming Headset immerses you in the game environments with music and video playback sounds exceedingly beautiful with its bassy sound. The ear cups are covered with soft cloth and the build is relatively lightweight as well, you could barely remember that they are on after a few hours of use.

Plantronics RIG

Best Gaming Headphones 6 – Plantronics RIG

If you are looking for a universal gaming headset than the Platronics RIG is for you. The RIG is built as both a gaming headset and a music outlet. You can listen to your favorite music while playing a game and the sound is still amazing. It’s lightweight, clear and solid and intended for casual gamer and everyday music listener as well.

Razer Kraken Pro

Best Gaming Headphones 7 – Razer Kraken Pro

The Razer Kraken Pro is a perfect example of headphones that are affordable but pack a much bigger punch in the bass department than you’d expect. It’s lightweight with incredible bass even better than the beats on that category and extremely comfortable. The surround sound is very nice too especially when playing FPS games.

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