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Top 5 Best Over Ear Headphones in 2019 to Suit Budget and Taste in Bass

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A rundown of the 5 best over ear headphones in 2014 from high high en $1000+ to budget priced cans that match sound performance, style and comfort

If you look around your local gym or what cans people are wearing out on the streets it’s clear that a lot of people are attracted to a certain brand when deciding which headphones to buy. This is a shame when there are so many other great headphones available for the same money that can offer an arguably superior audio experience.

So if you want to make a more informed decision on which over ear headphones offer the best sound, comfort and design features, here’s a rundown on 6 of the best over ear headphones in 2019:

Beyerdynamic T1 headphones

1. Beyerdynamic T1 (best earphones under 1000)

If you have cash to burn and dont mind paying out over $1,000 on a pair of headphones then the Beyerdynamic T1s are close to perfection. Beyerdynamic is a brand that garners respect in both the headphones market and in the professional audio world. So as you’d expect, these cans offer an exceptionally clean, crisp and clear sounds whether you’re playing games, listening to music or watching your favorite movie. This is because, unlike any other Hifi audiophile headphones, the Beyerdyamic T1s do not need to be connected to any amp to outshine the competition.

Every piece of Beyerdynamic T1’s design is remarkably outstanding. They come with a lightweight metal box with a moulded foam interior for storage, while the headband is adjustable to fit different head sizes. The ear cups also slightly rotate for a more comfortable fit. So, if you want clarity, transparency, and comfort then these may be the best headphone in 2019 for you.

2. Sennheiser Urbanite (best earphones under 500)

A good indication that you’ve made an excellent choice in which headphone to buy is when you grew to like them more every time you listen to them. That’s the kind of impression that these headphones make on you, which are Sennheiser’s answer to Beats headphones.

The Sennheiser Urbanites are designed to compete with Beats on the looks and sound department, serving up massive bass without compromising clarity. These headphones look pretty comfortable for their bulky and heavy appearance, as the ears can be adjusted to suit your ears. The Sennheiser Urbanites also have a detachable cable that features a 3-button remote control and an integrated microphone for taking calls through these high performance cans.

3. Creative Aurvana Platinum

With its luxurious design and audio perfection, the Creative Auruva Platinum headphones have got it all. Integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, you can wirelessly connect them to any compatible smartphone or tablet by simply tapping your smart device on the headset.

Sound quality is solid and far better with wireless which is by far the best feature that I really like about these headphones. Heavy on bass and lighter on treble, mids are balanced and slightly highlighted, highs are crisp, accurate, not shrill or painful or too subdued.

They fit well enough to your head and ensure a good seal around the ears. The Creative Aurvana Platinums aren’t that heavy as some people expected, but you can’t consider them as fluffy light as well. Noise cancellation is amazing, and they’re packed with so many features that the Creative Auruva Platinum make a great purchase if you like good, deep and bass-heavy sound at a reasonable price point.

4. Griffin Wood Tones

If you are on a tight budget but like to wear something that looks expensive, then the Griffin Wood Tones might be the best headphones in 2014 for you. I think they have an attractive design which gives these cans a sophisticated look, because rather than being made from plastic they are crafted out of real wood.

Sound quality is impressive, as they sound as good as any other expensive headphones. Audio balance is solid, with rich lows and crisp highs.

The wood tones enclosures are so lightweight, contrary to their heavy and sturdy design. You could wear them on for an entire day comfortably without having to worry about getting sore ears. Another good thing about the Griffin Wood Tones is that the cable is detachable, they have a handy remote and a mic for taking calls on your phone, all for a surprisingly low price.

5. AKG Y50 Yellow

If you want fashionable looking headphones at the same time as enjoy an audiophile quality headphone,  then you should check out AKG’s Y series. This is their first line up of lifestyle headphones, which are loud, colorful and affordable. They also offer excellent sound quality which definitely aims to outdo its closest competitors in their target demographics, such as Beats by Dre headphones and Skullcandy.

The AKG Y50 headphones’s are very light, and are engineered to feel like they’re barely there and light as a feather for wearing around the street. Sound quality assured through its 40mm drivers which deliver an enhanced punched-up bass response with a surprisingly clean sound for such a low price. So if you want some trendy looking cans that are also kind to your wallet, then the AKG Y50 headphones may be the best over ear headphones for you to pick in 2019.

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