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Top 5 Best iPhone Headphones and Earphones

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A rundown of the best iPhone headphones and earphones based on build, comfort and sound quality. Includes earphones by RHA, Atomic Floyd and SMS Street.

The iPhone might be a beautiful merging of sculpted plastic and tech wizardry, but everyone knows the free earbuds suck. Being seen wearing white earbuds is no longer cool, but more likely to attract derision. Apple may be well known for its pioneering smartphones, but when it comes to their earbuds, they really have to learn. This may change following the big bucks purchase of Beats, but for now it’s wise to shop around for the best iPhone headphones so you can get the most enjoyment when listening to music,

As always, there are plenty of headphones and earphones to choose from. So we’ve tried to narrow the list to our top 5 best iPhone headphones and earphones based on price, comfort and performance.

Atomic Floyd PowerJax

1. Atomic Floyd PowerJax + Remote

The Atomic Floyd PowerJax are the most expensive in-ear headphones on this list, but with just one look  will probably be able to see why. These are by far the most ambitiously designed in-ear headphones, like something off a sci-fi movie. In fact, I bet Tony Stark would look good with these.

The sound the Atomic Floyd PowerJax earphones deliver is also very clear, and if you want more bass in your music you simply need to equalize first with your bass booster eq in your iPhone. These earphones also have a dual noise isolation feature, so you can mask unwanted noise disruptions.

Crafted in durable metal that will last a lifetime, the Atomic Floyd PowerJax earphones  have a built in in-line mic and a remote to take calls. If you like high end design to match the sound quality, the Atomic Floyd PowerJax earphones are fully deserving of their spot in this list of the top 5 best iPhone headphones.

RHA MA750i earphones

 2. RHA MA750i earphones

The MA750i shows off what RHA is all about – quality and performance. Built with premium grade materials, its gold plated 3.5mm stereo headphone plug assures you of zero corrosion and minimal signal loss. It also offers a comfortable fit that can slot snuggle perfectly in your ear. Although, because they are made of steel, the RHA MA750i earphones weight of the earphones can be somewhat heavy and the ear tips are larger than normal, so might not be the best iPhone headphones if you have small earlobes.

If you are into relaxing music, these headphones offer a smooth, defined sound. And they wont strain you even if you listen to heavy bass songs. Clarity is good and detailed. Simply put, the RHA MA750i are outstanding earphones that sound excellent and are surprisingly inexpensive for their build quality.

SMS Street By 50 ANC

3. SMS Street By 50 ANC

We love the design and how fashionable the SMS Street by 50 ANC look, especially the silver ones. The Street earphones definitely have that luxurious look that also comes with rich sound quality. Very comfortable and fit perfectly with all kinds of head shapes, the earpads are made from ultra soft memory foam cushions that would not weigh you down even after prolonged use.

Mids are cleaner and bass is tighter and has an excellent response. The lower mid range is a little bit recessed which tends to make voices sound like they are a bit further away and the upper mid range to lower treble is over emphasized. But the voices are clear and smooth. In fact, a lot of reviewers say that these are audibly better than Beats by Dre.

SMS Street by 50 ANC are highly recommended if you’re looking for quality headphones for your iPhone and don’t mind spending extra cash for comfort, build quality and quality performance. These are also good for commuters and for listening to relaxing music in peace, as the world rushes by around you.

SoundMagic E10

4. SoundMagic E10

A very unique all metal earphone construction, the design of the SoundMagic E10s is very stylish and it’s a perfect substitute for your iPhone’s headphones. Because it is made with metal, this earphone is built to last. It also has a very comfortable fit, the earbuds are smaller than most earbuds and the tips are very soft, so you can sleep soundly without having to worry having sore ears when you wake up in the morning.

When it comes to its sound quality, you can easily compare how good the SoundMagic E10s sound compare to Apple’s free earbuds. The soundstage is present and excellent, highs are crisp and clear. The bass is well blended and goes deeper the more you listen to it. One of Magic E10 key features is noise Isolation, which makes it more enjoyable to use when you are at the subway or any public places where there are a lot of unnecessary external noise.

At a price of $ 31.99, I think these pair of ear buds are a bargain and definitely one of the best iPhone headphones. You can compare its build and sound quality to $100 dollar range of headphones and its sound quality isn’t far behind either. The only drawback is that the SoundMagic E10s dont have a button to answer calls. So if you take a lot of calls then you might want to look elsewhere for the best iPhone headphones that have a built in mic

SteelSeries Flux In Ear

5. SteelSeries Flux In Ear Pro

They may not look as striking as the SteelSeroundMagic E10, but you will be amazed how comfortable they feel. The SteelSeries Flux in Ear Pros are great for playing long sessions Candycrush or Clash of Clans as they fit snuggly and won’t fall out easily. Better yet, they also do a great job of isolating outside noise.

Build quality mostly exceeds that of other headsets in this top 5 list of best iPhone headphones. The cable is long so you can put your iPhones in a bag or your short’s pocket, with the flexible cable much stronger than your average earphone wire, which often break in a matter of months.

The soundstage is wide, perhaps much wider than your average headphones. The sound quality is actually pretty outstanding, and you can expect a crisp and clear sound performance, with the ability to pick out every detail of the song. Bass response is just as remarkable, which contributes to why the the Steel Series Flux Pro earphones are considered among the best mid-range IEMs in the market, which is surprising coming from a gaming company.

To summarise, the SteelSeries Flux in Ear Pros offer the right amount of sound, build, comfort quality and value for money. And with its 3 button mic for volume control, you can answer calls too. So if you’re into gaming and chatting with friends at the same time, the SteelSeries Flux Pro may be the best iPhone headphones for you.

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