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Top 5 Best Earphones for Runners or Joggers in 2019

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Best earphones for running, jogging and going to the gym. These all offer wireless Bluetooth, sweat protection and great sound performance, for pushing yourself

Running every day is great for your fitness, but it can get boring. It also helps to keep going when you have some pumping beats to listen to. Choosing what earbuds to use is an important decision. You need to consider whether you prefer the freedom of Bluetooth earphones without wires to keep tugging on your earlobes. You also want to make sure you get the best earphones that fit comfortably in your ears and are going to be sweat resistant. Then, of course, there’s also sound quality. If you’re serious about your music you don’t want a tinny pair of earphones that sound as though the entire bass has been ripped from the track.

Here’s a rundown of my top 5 best earphones for runners and joggers that take all these things into consideration:

Motorola SF 600

1. Motorola SF 600 Bluetooth Headset – The Ultimate Fitness Headphones

Motorola SF 600 offer excellent sound quality for enjoying a great workout mix. The sound is great, just as loud as the other competing earphones for runners and joggers from Motorola and Jabra. Although they look pretty uncomfortable, judging from their bulky and heavy look, but it’s actually the opposite. The earphones are barely noticeable once you’re wearing them, and you can also choose from 5 different sizes of ear cushions.

Because of its compatibility with MOTOACTV Fitness Tracker and Music Player, you can sync the earphones and be running around without getting tangled up in wires. However, the power of the device is in its drivers and built in amplifier. So, if the music source is of lower quality, there’s no way that the device will produce an HD sound.

If you’ve never bought a pair of earphones specially designed for running, then the Motorola SF 600 earphones are definitely a good set to try. They are light, comfortable and combined with the MOTOACTV they can really enhance your times with the right sounds to keep you going.

2. Aftershokz AS600 Bluez Open Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headset

AfterShokz Bluez are an open ear wireless headphones that combine the convenience, reliability and performance of Bluetooth wireless connectivity into one. The sound quality is great, with a loud crisp sound without the discomfort of ear buds.

The thing that sets these headphones apart from the sea of other headphones is the use of bone conduction technology. Once you get used to the initial difference on how they feel, the unique shape is actually very comfortable. The pads are soft rubberized and form a tight seal around attachment that makes it water resistant and sweat proof. However, they can only be worn in one position, one-size-fits-all style.

If you are looking for something different and want to enjoy your running without having to worry about your earbuds falling out, then you should totally check these earphones for runners and joggers out.

 3. Jaybird Sportsband – Jaybird Bluetooth Headset

Jaybird are one of the most popular earphone brands around. The Jaybird Sportsband’s stand out with their 80s style design mixed in with a sleek, modern look.

What’s also unique about the Jaybird Sportsband earphones is that they transmit these old school vibe but made with a contemporary look and sound. They also offer pretty good sound quality for an athletic headphone, they snugly fit and don’t ever feel like they would fall off.

If you are looking for a fashionable earphones for looking good when you’re running or working out in the gym then you look no further.

4. Avantree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones

The Avantree Jogger Bluetooth stereo headset has a sporty feel with very stylish design and a splash proof material for outdoor running. Sound quality and comfort is pretty awesome for its very affordable price.

These are very lightweight, easy to set up and connect to any smartphones or iPhone, whether you are in for a long run or just walking around your block. They are splash proof, so they can even be worn around the swimming pool or even while in the bathtub listening to your favorite music.

The Avantree Jogger Bluetooth are a fantastic pair of wireless earphones, satisfying in all aspects, making these among the best value earphones for runners and joggers.

5.Yurbuds Focus LE Limited Edition Wireless Behind The Ear BT Headphones, Black

These earphones lock in place comfortably so they never hurt and never fall out no matter how rigorous your workout routine is or how fast you are pounding tarmac.

Sound wise, they are offer a great range, with good highs and sharp mids. The bass may be lacking mostly in the lower-mid frequencies, as a result, and you don’t get the same clear bass punch that is prominent with other earphones in this list.

Overall the Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless Earphones are a good pair of earbuds if not exceptional. The controls are simple and intuitive, so you can be going hard and still be able to skip to the next song when you need a boost to get through the tough miles.

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