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Top 3 Best Headphones Over $1,000 for Audiophiles and Basshead Ballers

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These are the best headphones over $1000 based on build quality, presentation and the optimum level of sound detail and performance expected by audiophiles

Shelling out a few hundred n headphones can feel like an extravagance, albeit one we heartily encourage. But even the most devoted music lover may balk at the price tag of some of these high end cans. However, if you consider yourself an audiophile or demand the very best that money can buy, there are some exceptionally designed headphones over $1,000 that may interest.

Along with a millionaire lifestyle presentation and materials, these high end headphones over $1,000 offer the highest level of excellence and heavenly sound stage that’s so immersive you may never want to take them off.

The following are the best headphones over $1,000, carefully selected based on build quality, sound performance, features and luxuriant comfort:

 1. Sennheiser HD 800 headphones

These are absolutely insanely good headphones. With a nominal impedance of 300 Ohms, these offer exceptionally crystal clear highs and a truly immersive sound stage. You will experience a Hi-fidelity natural hearing experience which you can enjoy for hours due to their comfortable design. The Sennheiser HD800 headphones are the flagship cans for the revered German brand, and regularly rank among the best headphones over $1,000.

Grado PS1000 headphones

2. Grado PS1000 headphones

The Grado PS1000 headphones off cushion design and a hybrid of wood and metal, handcrafted to perfection. Very dynamic, with a gorgeous soundstage, deep and strong bass and powerful midrange. The Grado PS1000 headphones exhibits a stunning effect of what an exceptional headphone should be. Air, space, dynamics and overall dimension, everything is present.

They are expensive but for  music lovers who wants to have the best audio experience then the Grado PS1000 headphones are worthy of your consideration, particularly as they are by a world class manufacturer  revered by audiophiles who treasure the precision of their listening ability as a master chef does their taste buds.

The only complaint is that they are rather bulky. But then if you’re spending over $1,000 on headphones, the weight makes them feel reassuringly expensive.

Ultrasone Signature

3. Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones

Like the Ultrasone Edition 8s, these headphones have been rated as among the best headphones money can buy for a long time. They are a pair of cans any audiophile would be delighted to own, with high end and durable metal built quality, presentation and an unbelievably wonderful sound. As you’d expect, the mids and highs offer a whole new level of detail, with precise mid-range and a sound stage that is very wide.

The Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones are easily one of the best headphones over $1,000 on the market. The most amazing feature of these headphone is that they keep out ambient noise while keeping the music in very well, just perfect for mobile and office use, but best suited to losing yourself in your favourite music at home .

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