SYNC by 50 Cent Headphones Review – Are these celebrity headphones anything to celebrate?

With Beats by Dr Dre headphones continuing to fly from the shelves and earn Dre enough to buy another mansion, other celebrities are rushing to join the fashion conscious headphones market. This year 50 Cent released his Street and ‘SYNC’ headphones in a bid to stake his claims to a share of the fashion market.

Unfortunately for Dre, a lot of reviewers haven’t been big fans of the massive bass the pours forth from his cans all over the mids and trebles. So do 50 Cent’s SYNC headphones fare any better? Are they anything to celebrate or to the pale in comparison to the performance of the best headphones from Sennheiser, Grado and AKG in the high end headphone market?


When designing these it doesn’t look as though 50 Cent’s team wanted to take any risks. What you’ve got here are a chunky set of cans that could be mistaken for Beats by Dre from a distance. It’s only when you get closer that you notice a few clear differences.

Firstly, the 50 Cent SYNC headphones are wireless. Their use of Kleer 16 bit lossless digital technology is arguably one of the key selling points, when you’re talking about features. Simply plug the accompanying 3.5 mm audio dongle into your mobile or laptop and you can listen to music without wires while walking around the house or down the street. What’s more, up to four 50 Cent SYNC headphones can be ‘synced’ to one source. So if you are all your friends are happy to all wear the same brand of headphones you can now all listen to the same music too!

Other features worth mentioning are the controls on the cans, which get the thumbs up from many reviewers along with the strong build quality. The cans are on the large size but surprisingly light. The memory foam padding provides a comfy fit for many hours of wear. It’s also worth mentioning the packaging.


Many people’s minds will be made up based on the looks and brand of these headphones alone. But if you’re still reading then you no doubt want to know how these stack up against the best high end headphones on the market.

As with Beats by Dr Dre, the 50 Cent SYNC headphones are heavy on the bass. However, the bass isn’t too muddy, as has been the complaint in some reviews of Beats headphones.  If the normal bass isn’t enough for you then you can crank it up further with the built in Bass Boost function.

What people say

For many people this has been their first step into high end headphones. So undoubtably many have been impressed by the sound quality of the 50 Cent SYNC headphones. But, as with Beats by Dr Dre, many have been less than impressed when compared to the best headphones from thoroughbred brands like Sennheiser, Grado and AKG.

The headphones’ ‘passive’ noise cancellation technology has also come under fire for being little more than a gimmick. Essentially ‘passive’ can be translated to none, unless you count the foam padding as noise cancelling technology. These headphones do leak sound, which is something to consider if you want to take them on the train to work.

However, if sound performance and noise cancellation is below fashion statement in your list of requirements, the 50 Cent SYNC headphones might be for you.

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