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Sennheiser Sport Headphones Review

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Good quality headphones are a must for many people while they work or play. Not just any headphones will do. It is important that headphones fit comfortably, provide great sound quality, and are durable enough to last through all activities. There are several models in the Sennhesiser line of headphones that have passed this test, as well as others, and have proven to be a great investment for the active listener.

Different people have different requirements as to what type of headphones suits them best. Depending on their personal preferences, as well as how and when they listen, Sennheiser also has that covered. There are several models and features that make them unique.

The PMX 80 model is extremely comfortable. The earbuds go in the ear, but a neckband wraps around the back of the neck to help keep these headphones securely in place while working out. They have a sweat-proof coating to keep moisture away. The PMX 80 also clips to the shirt for added assurance. A single-sided cable prevents distracting tangles while working out. PMX 80 has early morning or night runners covered as well as the neckband features reflective material to help others see them.

The CX 380 model is all about a superior fit, and great sound quality. These headphones fit comfortably in the ear, and include adapters to suit any size ear. The CX 380 features a noise isolation design to help keep out competing sounds. They also feature great bass to enrich the listening experience.

The CX 680 fits in the ear canal, and partly over the back of the ear for a secure fit. These headphones also block out a good deal of interfering noise. These headphones also feature a volume adjuster to easily adapt to artists with louder or softer sounds without missing a beat of a workout. Like many of the Sennheiser models, they are also sweat-resistant, and carry a two year guarantee.

The MX85 has a twist to fit system that locks the headphones in place so users will not have to fight with them falling out during a workout. Adapters are also included so any size ear gets a perfect fit. Seinhessers Basswind system assures superior sound that makes these headphones well suited to more than working out. However, the sweat proof coating means the headphones will work as hard as the user.

Those tired of cheap, tinny quality headphones that fall out of the ears, leave them sore, and need to be replaced every few months may find it is time to upgrade to one of the Sennheiser headphone models. Whether at work, engaged in a workout, or both users will be able to enjoy a rich listening experience without worrying about headphones falling out or shorting out at some crucial moment. The Sennheiser two year guarantee assures that the investment will be well worth it. With all the time and bother that goes into constantly replacing cheaper models, users will save money in the end. They will definitely enjoy a better listening experience.

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