Sennheiser RS 180 Open Digital Wireless Headphone – Headphones for Dads and Responsible Neighbours

Have you noticed the number of people walking around in Beats by Dr Dre headphones? It seems slapping the world’s top rap artist’s logo on a set of headphones is enough for most people. But not for me. So I setup this website to profile the alternatives to Dr Dre Beats headphones, and to review the best headphones that offer arguably better sound quality for the same price tag.

In this post I’m going to looking at the Sennheiser RS 180 Open Digital Wireless Headphones. Now, you might not see these headphones being worn on the commute to work. But if you’re looking for the best wireless headphones for the home, then these might be a worthy choice over Dr Dre’s Beats.


The Sennheiser RS 180 Open Digital Wireless Headphones are designed to be worn around the home, rather than taken out on the street. So they’re a chunky pair of cans that can be worn for hours on end in comfort.  The cans are circum-aural shaped (which, to you and me, means they fold around the ears) while the headband clamps snugly onto your head without feeling like it’s in a vice.

They come supplied with a smart looking cradle for transmitting the audio signal and recharging them when not in use, and will look fit in nicely atop your $4000 HiFi.


The Sennheiser RS 180 Open Digital Wireless Headphones are the latest in Sennhesiser’s RS range of wireless headphones. One of the main reasons these stand out from cheaper headphones is that they use Kleer’s 2.4 Ghz digital audio transmission technology. What this means is that rather than use an FM frequency, which can be prone to background hiss, the sound is uncompressed. This means there is no hiss or interference and they will provide excellent sound quality without wires.

The Sennheiser RS 180 Open Digital Wireless Headphones also have an ‘in sight’ range of 100 metres so you should be able to wear them around your home (unless you live in a mansion or metal cell) without any problems.

What people say

The Sennheiser RS 180 Open Digital Wireless Headphones are headphones for HiFi snobs and home cinema lovers. Compared to Beats by Dr Dre, you won’t get a throbbing baseline. Its volume also has its limits, and they won’t set your ears ringing (if that’s what you’re after). But they’re perfect for watching movies or listening to music without disturbing the neighbours or kids. I guess you could describe the Sennheiser RS 180s as the perfect ‘dad headphones’.

Music for which you want to turn the volume up

Big action video games and blockbuster movies, electro pop and vocally tracks

Music for which they are best left unplugged

Hip Hop, heavy metal, dubstep and anything where you want bass above all else

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