Monster Beats by Dre Solo Headphones Review – Do They Live Up to the Hype?

The Monster Beats by Dre Solo headphones are another addition to the increasingly popular headphone range which now carries the hip hop legends stamp of approval. If you have ventured outside your house in the last two years then it is highly likely that you will have seen one or two people donning these distinct cans around their skulls. There is little doubt that the Dre Beats products are being pushed by some very clever marketing indeed.

But with the Doctors name stamped all over the marketing, Monsters experience in producing audio products and the rather high price tag, it would be reasonable to expect these headphones to be amongst some of the best headphones on the market right?


The Monster Beats by Dre Solo headphones do look the part. They are stylish, modern and well built. They scream fashion statement and they are one of the best headphones for looks, for many people their appearance alone justifies the premium price. Unlike many over-the-skull headphones on the market nowadays, the Beats Solo is designed to be easily transported too. They can be folded up and tucked into the padded carry case which is provided with them.

They are also set up to work well with Apple products. If you own any of the Apple range such as iPod, iPad or iPhone then you will be pleased with the inclusion of ControlTalk. This is available on one of the two cables provided with the headphones and it allows you to control many functions of your device such as volume and toggling through music via the inline remote. You can also use this as hands-free for your iPhone.


For a lot of people, the performance is where Beats by Dre Solo lets itself down. The audio expectation from a product that is being endorsed by one of the world’s most influential music producers is understandably high. However, if you like your expensive, celebrity endorsed headphones to offer more than good looks you may be slightly disappointed here.

The sounds given off by these cans have been described as “muddy” and with a weak low end you can expect music which features a lot of base to sound very hollow indeed. The ear cups are also a shade too small for many people’s ears. This means a) that the music will not be directed into your ear accurately, and b) that most of that music will leak out and possibly annoy everyone around you.

What People Say

These are a good looking and sturdy pair of headphones which have a nice premium feel to them. When it comes to listening to music however, these do not really come close to being the best headphones out there. However, the Dr Dre Solo headphones are not really aimed at audiophiles and those that care about the quality of sound above all else. They are a fashion statement, and in that respect they are one of the best headphones on the market for conveying a message.

Music to crank up

The Beats Solo headphones work best with music genres such as alternative dance, punk and some rap, i.e. 50 Cent.

Music to avoid

If you like to listen to dance pop or electronica of a beat heavy nature these headphones may not be ideal for you.

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