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JBL E55BT Wireless headphones are designed with focus on style. They feature a great combination of performance, affordability and comfort all wrapped up in one package. The multi-device connectivity allows the user to switch from one device to another. Just like the other E models, they are offered in 5 monochromatic options; red, black, teal, blue, and white. The outer part of the headphones is branded with a JBL logo which brings a signature look. They are perfect for anyone who is looking forward to cut the cord from their music players. This is arguably one of the most versatile packages that emphasize on fashion quotient.


These headphones sound better than the average headphones. They have a little more bass that is well-tuned and punchy. In addition, the vocals are clear and distinct thanks to the 50mm drivers. Secondly, the mid-range and high frequencies are top-notch. To give you a hint, when you turn them on, they generate some characteristic chords. JBL has not compromised on quality; the headphones deliver a well-balanced quality sound. They do not overpower the rest of the music. When we consider the quality of sound within the context of price, they are really sound good.

Ergonomic design

The wireless headphones come with a sleek appearance. They are fitted with large oval-shaped ear pads to accommodate most ears. JBL has introduced the `share me’ feature. This means, users can stream music from one headphone to another. This can be done by a simple touch of the ear cup. Most importantly, they are lightweight which make them a perfect travel companion. This is due to the fact that the cups are made of plastic. The headphones are also covered with fabric. When you put them on, you immediately forget you are wearing them. Likewise, the inside parts of the ear pads tell which one is right or left. Similarly, the headphones have a 90 degree rotation, so they lay flat on the chest when you wear them around the neck. The ear cushion simulates human skin texture to give a lasting comfort. They also come with a detachable cable and a remote.


The JBL E55BT wireless headphones can be folded in 2 different ways. First, you can fold the earcups into the headband. Alternatively, one can twist the earcups flat. This is something you are not likely to find in over-the-ear headphones. However, depending on your head size and ear shape they may feel a little tight. It’s advisable that you adjust them to your fit.


These earphones are more comfortable than the previous versions. They weigh only 232 grams and fit nicely around the ear. The headband keeps the pair secure on your head without feeling uncomfortable. Best of all, they don’t feel heavy and unwanted. The headband is also wrapped with in two soft cotton meshes. Further, the underside is darker than the top.


The headphones can be twisted and stretched which is a clear indication of their durability. Both the audio cables and USB are of high quality. They will last with all the wrapping and unwrapping.

Battery life

The battery offers 20 hours of entertainment at moderate volume levels without having to plug your headphones back in to charge. This allows you to get rid of the tangled cables on the move. The package comes with standard mini USB charging cable. This makes them perfect if you plan to use them on a long journey over the weekend. They are definitely the best in the segment. The battery can take you over a week with an average listening time of 3 hours a day. However, there is no way the headphones will lose the battery completely. It takes about 2 hours to charge them fully. This is by far one of the swiftest wireless charging headsets in the market place.

Flawless Bluetooth performance

The Bluetooth connection functions well without any hiccups. You can connect the headphones to your listening device within a range of 10 meters. However, this will depend on the obstacles. In addition to that, they can be paired with multiple devices. The switching between one device to another is pretty simple and fast. For example, you can pair the headphones with iphone7 and MacBook Pro simultaneously. When you flick the power toggle on the right cup, it immediately starts pairing. A few splutters may be heard as the device perform digital handshake. However, when the devices are done pairing, the reliability is solid. When it comes to performance, JBL has a lot to offer. The Bluetooth signal is quite strong.


The JBL E55BT headphones come with basic controls like volume up/down and play/pause buttons. If you want to rewind a song, you simply press and hold the volume button. The play/pause button is elevated to give you the confidence that you are pressing the right button. It has LED to let you know the button has been activated. Further, you don’t have to worry that one device will trounce the other. Hitting the play/pause button allows the user to answer any incoming call when on the go. The headphones have a built-in microphone that helps in making calls so you never miss a call.


· They come in an attractive design

· They are comfortable, sound decent and reliable

· The headband conforms to any head size

· They double as a great headset for phone calls

· They work as wired headphones when the battery runs out

· They are lightweight to wear all day


· The headphones does not include noise cancellations

· The battery is not replaceable

· The buttons come with the same texture. For instance, it’s quite hard to hit the on/off button when you are not used  to the earphones.

· The carrying case is not included

· You can’t charge and use them at the same time

Final thoughts

JBL is arguably one of the world leaders in wireless technology. The excellent battery life and performance makes them perfect for any music enthusiast. Most importantly, the sound is great and not overly bass-boosted. These headphones are designed to handle everything you throw at them. If you are looking forward to grab a signature JBL sound, these are the best headphones for you. They will just fit anyone’s budget and fashion preferences.

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