Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm headphones review – Break the Tesla barrier with these high end headphones that ooze class in build quality and transparent sound

Ever broken the Tesla barrier? No, this isn’t a Star Trek reference or the latest discovery in the hadron collider, but the audio power that Beyerdynamics has packed into its flagship pair of headphones. The Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm headphones feature Neodymium magnets positioned into a ring around the coil that provides a double magnetic flux density to 1.2 Tesla. In other words, they have the power to produce an exceptionally clean, crisp and transparent sound with low distortion.

Sounds impressive. So have Beyerdynamic’s qualified craftsmen in Heilbronn, Germany, produced a masterpiece of high end headphones craftsmanship? Or is the techie talk of more interest to physicists than audiophiles?


As you’d expect of headphones born from German engineering, the Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm headphones are a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Everything about them screams high end, from the velour ear pads and leather headband to the classy mesh grilles on the satin aluminium ear cups. The overall presentation when you receive them is equally impressive, with them delivered in a luxuriant sculpted foam aluminium flight case.

The Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm headphones are indeed a handsome pair of cans, with a sleek, modern and minimalist look that belies their raw power.


The Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm headphones are rated among the best dynamic headphones around.

Their detail retrieval is exceptional, with a transparent midrange that makes guitars and vocals sound crisp and clear. The treble is smooth without stridence or harshness, while the rolled off bass sounds natural while still having body and impact to give music a reassuringly sold thump.

Where these headphones (and the effect of the 1.2 Tesla coil technology) stand out is in their reproduction of detail. The soundstage is big and airy, providing great reproductions of spatial nuances and the separation of instruments. The imaging is incredible, with them able to place musicians on stage exceptionally well. If you’re looking for natural tonality, with silky highs and superb detail, then the Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm headphones are hard to beat.

It’s worth noting that, as with any high end headphones, to get the best performance you’ll need to burn these in for a while. It’s also recommended to use a powerful desktop headphones amp, such as the Woo Audio WA2 or the Beyerdynamic A1 Sterep Headphone Amplifier, to enjoy their audiophile grade delights.

Music to turn up

Classical, rock, vocal tracks and even electronic music where you want to pick out individual sounds in depth and fine precision like you’ve never heard them before. Footsteps, raindrops and whispering can all be heard where before there was only a background hiss.

Music to switch cans

These are not bass monsters. Nor do they aspire to be. These headphones are for listening to music in fine detail from home. So if you’re looking for headphones for bass heavy hip hop or heavy metal then you might want to look elsewhere.

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