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Best Wireless Sports Headphones Now Available On A Discounted Price

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On our daily commute, from home to work or school, and vice versa, we would always see a few, or probably a lot of people who travel with headphones on. I, for one, put on my headphones as soon as I have stepped out of the house. And the thing with headphones is, it’s not just for mellow music or whichever type or genre of music that we prefer. Most people also use the best sports wireless headphones to get a rhythm going while doing their daily workout routines.

What are wireless headphones for sports?

Headphones are the usual devices that we use to connect to our computer or to our mobile phone to be able to listen to music, watch videos or movies, and if we don’t want sweat to accumulate in the phone’s screen when we make calls. I personally prefer the best wireless headphones for sports because this means that these are more than just the regular headphone styles you can see or purchase in stores for mobile and computer accessories. These are heavy-duty classes of headphones which you can easily store in your bags for your daily travels or in your gym bag.

Pros and Cons

There are different styles of headphones released in the market, and it’s really up to you on which type is more comfortable for you to use, depending on its purpose, or if you will be using a single headphone set for everything you wish to utilize it for. The ordinary headphones would normally have a cord connecting to the earpiece to the device it will source the sound from while the high end wireless headphones can be connected to any device via Bluetooth.

Probably, the only disadvantage of headphones is that you would have to invest in it if you want a long-lasting and durable set that you can have with you for years. This can also be an advantage since there are many manufacturers of this product who really aim their releases to last long. Plus most of the best headphones for sports use provide a guarantee term for a couple of years, or even lifetime.

For headphones with cords, you would need to make sure that the jock is compatible with the slot in your mobile device or computer, and then you can already connect your device to the headphones. Compared to corded headphones, wireless ones are easier to use. By turning on the Bluetooth in your smart phone or pad, detect the name of the headphones, connect, and choose which playlist you want to listen to.

We will now compare some of the top sellers for the best in ear sports headphones that are now available for less in Amazon, but with the same high quality that they initially released it for. They are now on sale for almost half of their starting sales prices, which most likely will make you wonder, are they still the same classy headphones as their manufacturers and seller say they are?

SoundWhiz Wireless Running Headphones

This product was originally on sale for $79.99, and is now at a discounted price of $39.99, a 50% drop from its initial selling price. The SoundWhiz Wireless Running Headphones are connected by a soft cord, which is really comfortable especially when working out or having a long trip. I, for myself, am using wired headphones but using the soft corded ones rather than the ones connected by hard plastic because upon trying it, it made my ear lobes hurt a bit because it was on my head a bit too tight.

Up to 2 devices can connect to the headphones through Bluetooth connection. This means that you can watch a movie in your pad, and you can take calls at the same time from your phone. You can also execute voice commands with the built-in microphone which you can use for Siri (for iPhone users). The maximum Bluetooth range that they can guarantee is up to 30 feet, which means that if you will be running or doing a marathon, you still have to take your device with you.

A design built for the headphones is that it has an ear-hook connected to the ear bud itself so that it will not fall off even when you are running, or doing intensive exercises. It has also been proved to be sweat proof and they offer a 12-month warranty for any damage that may occur.

There are also volume controls on the headphones itself so that you won’t have to reach out for your phone or your pad to lower the volume or answer a call. It also comes with a pouch for easy storage that saves you from the unnecessary tangling of the headphones to your power cord or any of your other stuff.

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

As opposed to SoundWhiz, Phaiser boasts a headphones set connected by hard plastic, which you can be able to adjust to fit your head. It also has an ear-hook build in a way that when you wear it, it will just slide in. On-earphone controls are built in as well to accommodate easy controlling even when the device connected to the headphones is out of your reach.

They do not specify the length of time in which each charge can last, but it offers a sweat proof quality as well, and even for accidental dropping on water. This means they really have confidence in their product, that it will be able to withstand contact with liquid objects.

The guarantee they provide is attached with a lifetime warranty, in which they are willing to replace your headphones in case that it gets damaged by sweat or water. So, maybe it’s not that sweat proof or water proof after all. Well, it is an electronic device, and there is only a limited time in which it can be in contact with liquid.


To conclude, you can easily find high-quality wireless headphones on the market nowadays. You will be able to find some through your mall browsing, or even in online shopping. The truth is, it’s always up to you. Most products would have similar qualities, you just have to find that one that catches your eye and fits you comfortably.

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