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Best DJ Headphones in 2019 offering the style, durability and performance maestros of the dancefloor demand

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DJs are arguably the most demanding of headphones buyers. Whereas audiophiles demand precision sound and the fashion conscious with a bold logo, DJs require headphones that tick many different boxes.

DJs are arguably the most demanding of headphones buyers. Whereas audiophiles demand precision sound and the fashion conscious with a bold logo, DJs require headphones that tick many different boxes.

The best DJ headphones need to provide the following:

  • Comfort so they can be worn for six+ hour DJ sets
  • Sound isolation for blocking out crowd noise
  • Durability to survive heavy use and the chaos of club environments
  • Flexibility to enable ear cups to be lifted or flipped sideways for one ear monitoring
  • Replaceable parts and socket adapters for different mixing desks

These were all factors I considered when compiling a breakdown (pardon the pun!) of the best DJ headphones in 2019:

Sennheiser HD25-1 II DJ headphones

1. Sennheiser HD25-1 II

Wearing any headphones with the Sennheiser brand should fill DJs with confidence. Producer of some of the most beloved headphones among audiophiles, Sennheiser has a long reputation of building some of the highest quality headphones money can buy. This reputation is justified with the Sennheiser HD25-1 II headphones which are arguably the best DJ headphones around.

These purpose designed monitor headphones provide superb ambient noise reduction, so that DJs can get lost in the music without being distracted, along with exceptional sound quality and fantastic bass reproduction for syncing music with precise accuracy. What’s more, they are lightweight, and comfortable to wear for long periods, yet highly durable to cope with heavy use in nightclubs and bars.

So the Sennhesier HD25-1 II headphones tick all the boxes, and its no wonder they’re widely rated as the best DJ headphones on the market.

Beats by Dre Mixr DJ headphones


2. Beats by Dre Mixr

Beats by Dre headphones come in for a lot of flack online. It could be due to a backlash due to their popularity as fashion accessory or criticism of the heavy bass. Whatever the reason, critics of Beats by Dre headphones might wan to check out the Beats by Dre Mixr DJ headphones before the next time they post comments.

Designed in collaboration with international DJ David Guetta, the Beats by Dre Mixr headphones are reassuringly durable, with metal framed ear cups and a moulded headphone, making them sturdy yet comfortable. As with other Beats by Dre headphones, they can be folded easy transportation and the ear cups can be pivoted 270 degrees for single ear sound monitoring.

The sound quality of the Beats by Mixr headphones has also been hailed as a big improvement over other Beats by Dre cans. Much louder than Beats by Dre Pro yet with the precision of Beats by Dre Studio, these offer powerful bass and make a fashion statement, making them worthy of being in this profile of the best DJ headphones.

AKG K267 DJ headphones

3. AKG K267 by Tiesto

Another pair of headphones designed in collaboration with a DJ are the AKG K267 DJ headphones. In this case it was Dutch dancefloor maestro Tiesto who provided input on designing the best headphones for DJs. These are actually part of a range, which also includes the K67 and K167, offering different cup sizes, drivers and price brackets to choose from.

As you’d expect of headphones designed with the help of a trance DJ, the AKG K267 headphones offer a deep controlled bass, precise mids and rolled off highs, making them excellent headphones to consider for DJs and music enthusiasts alike.

Technics DH1200E-S DJ headphones

4. Technics DH1200E-S

Technics can now be regarded as a heritage brand in the world of DJing and beat matching, as they were the #1 make of turntables back in the 90s when dance music exploded across the world. They’re also a very popular manufacturer of DJ headphones, with the Technics DH1200E-S a familiar sight on the heads of aspiring club DJs. These headphones provide a deep tight bass for beat matching, multiple plug sizes for different mixers and a swing arm system for matching up mixes.

Durable and reasonably priced, the Technics DH1200E-S are among the best DJ headphones to choose for those on a budget.

5. Shure SRH750DJ

The Shure SRH750DJ headphones provide high impedence sound performance designed for smooth DJ mixing. The headband is collapsible for slipping in a DJs carry bag and the ear cups swivel 90 degrees to enable DJs to sync music while in the mix.

Offering a decent bass output and extended highs, these rank alongside the Technics DH1200E-S as the best DJ headphones to choose for people that want to spend less than $100 as an emergency pair of DJ headphones or so they have more money to spend on music.

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