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The Beats EP has a long and illustrious history when it comes to headphones. So far, it has made the first impression as an entry-level headphone with a surprisingly good value. With no inbuilt or noise-canceling options, the EP is more musically inclined than most wireless counterparts. Apart from the unique craftsmanship, the overall durability has not been compromised. These headphones are equipped with a digital equalizing system that balances the sound. Most importantly, they come with affordable price tag. If you are looking for lower-end model headphones, you should consider the Beats EP.


Design and quality

The EP headphones are not just about the sound, they also bring out an iconic look. They feature plenty of plastic around the earcups and the head strap. To make the design easy on the eye, the stretchy headband is blended together with a set of stainless steel. The Beats has maintained that unique look with the logo prominently displayed on both ears. These headphones are offered in blue, black, red and white colors. Whichever color you choose, the sound supplying cable locks on the left earcup.


The Beats headphones are reinforced with stainless steel and vertical sliders which give maximum comfort. Their lightweight nature and tightly fitting earcups makes them suitable for prolonged listening. Best of all, the hassle-free fixed cable ensures the listener focuses only on music. When you compare with other headphones in the segment, the earcups offer superior sound isolation. They also conform to the shape of the head. Since the earcups are roomy, you get an improved sound quality without blasting tunes right in your ear canal. It’s also worth noting that, the earpads are made of special fabric that is easy to maintain.

The headphones rotate to allow extra adjustment. Although you may think that the oversized headbands bring external noise, they allow the earcups exert even pressure on your ears. Even though the headphones may appear tight during the first days of use, they’ll loosen up after a few days. The headphones win on practicality and performance. The high-tech plastic ensures that oscillations are not transmitted to the headphone mountings.


The headphones are made of high quality materials that can withstand the test of a time without showing any signs of breakage. They are robust enough to withstand any fall over a distance of 5 feet.


At a first glance, the Beats EP sound output appears fairly flat. After several tests, the headphones have proved perfect for music enthusiasts who prefer excellent bass response. Their masterfully tuned sounds never miss a beat thanks to the finely tuned acoustics. The EP works best on female vocals, modern pop music and other music genres. In fact, you get a better sound balanced output compared to most wired brands. Just like other headphones in the segment, they use 40mm dynamic drivers. The jacks have a low transfer resistance and deliver an exceptionally detailed sound. These headphones come in handy when mixing your songs. You can get all manner of vocals and texture to instruments.


The battery-free design offers unlimited playback when on the move. This makes the headphones perfect for any music lover looking for a dynamic listening experience. Unlike other battery-powered headphones, you’ll never run out of power in the middle of a track. They are designed for an everyday commuter.


The EP comes with an inline play/stop button. If you want to adjust the volume, you should long press the button. To forward tracks, you should double click. To skip back, you should triple click. Thankfully, you can make calls without removing the phone out of your pocket. The headphones have an iPhone remote that works with Apple and Android phones. Although the headphones are compatible with different iOS devices, their functionality may vary by device. They provide the most ultimate listening experience out there. These additions are subtle and hard to see.


The Beats come with a foldable carrying pouch that is fitted with an audio plug. However, the cord is not detachable, but it’s long enough to move around. Irrespective of your height, you’ll always end up with a bonus cable. The cable is 1 meter long and connects to the left side of the headphones with a mini jack. If you want to protect the frames of the headphones, you can upgrade to a hard case. You can as well coil up the cable and hide it in your pocket.


  •  They come with an adjustable headband
  •  Very accurate and precise in sound delivery
  •  The battery free offers unlimited playback
  •  Come with good accessory package
  •  They are lightweight. This proves their practical side of wearing them over extended periods.
  •  Solid and durable construction
  •  Stylish design. The mixture of plastic and stainless steel brings out a classy look. The Beats EP come in different colors and goes well with any kind of style.
  •  Ease of use. These headphones come with a one-sided cable which shows the innovative nature of the Beats.
  •  It’s affordable. The sound quality of the EP headphones is superb for the money. It’s definitely not a case of style over substance.


  • The headphones are not specifically designed for noise cancellation. While the EP offers impressive noise isolation, extended use can sometimes hurt.
  • They lack the folding feature which makes them hard to tote around
  •  Wireless options are not available

Final word

Do you care if your headphones sound good as they look? If the answer is a resounding yes, you should consider the Beats EP headphones. There are many wired headphones in the market, but none sounds like the Beats. In fact, it’s a joy to own this beautifully designed audio gear. Overall, the headphones have managed to retain their signature sound. Although the bass is a little accentuated, they give enough treble detail and a more balanced sound. Without the added expense of noise canceling and Bluetooth technology, the headphones produce unmatched sound quality. Furthermore, they are super comfy which make them ideal for music lovers. The only notable minor flaw is that they are not foldable. Thankfully, a carrying case is provided. That said, their classic look appease those who demand for more than a fashion accessory.

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